Podcast No. 1 - Vlad cheis - Twisted jungle

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Vladimir Cherkasov, who is more famous as a DJ Vlad Cheis AKA LEROY MARCELL, began his career at year 2000. At the beginning like every other DJ he was playing at the private parties and for his friends. His preference in music style for the first couple of years was Disco House, Tech House, House and Progressive. During that period of time he made a quite collection of his soundtracks and also tried to find out for himself the type of music which he can perform the best. At the beginning of 2004 DJ Vlad Cheis attended a young promo group of DJs which was called United Rave Power (URP). He became one of the main DJs who were promoting the Hardcore music by playing it at the clubs and big parties organized by URP. In the August of 2004, DJ Vlad Cheis with among other DJs has organized an action open-air, called “Open Rave Of a City 2004”. There were more than 3000 people on the 6 dance floors with couple of famous DJs performing together with DJ Vlad Cheis. Year of 2004 was very busy and productive for Vlad, besides meeting new DJ and experimenting with new styles he was also working on the project with a promo-group Syndicate Records. During that time he got more interested in Drum & Bass style which eventually becomes one of his most favorite. Year of 2005 DJ Vlad Cheis joined another promo group called ZOT. Most of his time he was playing at the Hardcore Parties, making new music tracks and working together with URP & ZOT. At this time DJ Vlad Cheis is playing Disco House, Tech House, Electro House, Progressive Tribal but his most favorite is Drum & Bass. He keeps working on his sound and continuing making happy his fans.



01. Nickynutz - Khachaturia Jungle
02. Eierschaukel - Bambam Babylon Bajasch
03. Good 2Bad and Hugly - Lion Of Judah
04. J Bostron - Wanna Be Free
05. Baby Demo - Killing Teng
06. Soundmurderer & SK1 - lock It Off
07. Warren G Ft. Nate Dogg - Regulate (Utah Jazz Vocal Mix)
08. Krumble - Ghost Town
09. Illicit - Movin Outta Babylon
10. Baby Demo - Badnessting
11. Divide & Rule Vip - Nkogliaz
12. NSF - Big Time
13. Drunken Masters - Roots and Culture (Serial Killaz Remix)
14. Krumble - Angel City
15. Visionary feat Peter Ranking - Girlfriend (Dub)
16. Serial Killaz - Killa Klash
17. Krinjah - worker man (Remix)
18. Tweet Vs Jungle Brothers, Micky Finn, Aphrodite - Oops My Brother


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