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Drums.ro was formed by acidtech, with the help of Sorin & Souljah and started as a discussion board back in 2006, providing drumandbass, jungle, breakbeat content in form of: new releases, fresh recorded mixes from UK's radio stations, podcast mixes from djs world wide, events based in romania and also big events based across the border !
2007 started as the year of events, alongside Souljah, DiStress, Lich, CZC & Setsuna we started planing parties in Iasi, promoting drumandbass, jungle, breakbeat, dubstep in locations like XS Club, Palace Cafe, etc ! Our team members were also entertaining the masses in other cities of Romania, cities like Botosani, Suceava, Bucuresti, Galati, Timisoara, Cluj, etc !
The next year, team members pointed up, have decided to quit the group !
2010 was the year when Drums.ro Radio was born with help from Bassive, being an internet radio station promoting drumandbass, jungle, breakbeat, dubstep, grime, music  through live mixes & podcasts from djs all around the world ! 
For events don't forget to check the Schedule from the menu link ! Also, if you like one of the mixes & you want to download it or check the tracklist, use the Archive menu link ! There you will find all the recorded mixes from our station !
Other links you may want to check:
Big amount of appreciation goes to our station djs & chatroom crew: wenz0r, TorpedoShirleyCrabtree, Psi, Geo, liviuN, Gothmog|ta, Bassive, Dannage, Hump, Kimbo, oss, LammMann
For any information or feedback please don't hesitate to contact us via the Contact form ! 
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